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TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH General Terms and Conditions

Issued 1st  of  May 2017

1.  Scope of Application  

1.1.  The general terms and conditions for sales contained herein (the “Terms”)
shall  apply  to  all  quotations  and  sales  made  by  TFC  Simulatoren  und
Technik GmbH, a Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (GmbH) created
and  existing  under  the  laws  of  the  Federal  Republic  of  Germany,
registered at the Local Court in Wuppertal, Germany, under the Company
Registration No. HRB 21729, with its Head Office at Bonsfelderstr. 71b-73,
42555  Velbert,  Germany  (hereinafter  “TFC  Simulatoren  und  Technik
GmbH”)  concerning  the  products  and  services  directly  or  indirectly
supplied  by  TFC  Simulatoren  und  Technik  GmbH  (the  “Products”  and
1.2.  The  validity  of  any  customer  (the  “Customer”)  general  terms  and
conditions,  especially  Customer’s  standard  terms  and  conditions  of
purchase, is herewith expressly refuted.
1.3.  Deviations from these Terms  require the  explicit  written approval of TFC
Simulatoren und Technik GmbH.

2.  Offer and Acceptance

2.1.  The Products and/or Services shall be subject to due ordering (offering) by
the  Customer  and  order  acceptance  by  TFC  Simulatoren  und  Technik
GmbH  in  writing.  In  case  TFC  Simulatoren  und  Technik  GmbH’s  order
acceptance  differs  from  the  offer  of  the  Customer,  such  acceptance
constitutes  a  new  non-binding  offer  of  TFC  Simulatoren  und  Technik
2.2.  An  order  is  a  binding  offer,  which  can  be  confirmed  in  writing  by  TFC
Simulatoren  und  Technik  GmbH  within  four  (4)  weeks.  The  contract  is
concluded  with  receipt  of  order  confirmation  by  TFC  Simulatoren  und
Technik GmbH.
2.3.  Scope  of  delivery  and/or  performance  (hereinafter  “subject  of  the
contract”) by the TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH is determined after
the order confirmation and any related technical specifications.

3.  Documentation

3.1.  Any  documents  such  as  pictures,  drawings,  details  of  weights  and
dimensions,  calculations,  etc.  that  TFC  Simulatoren  und  Technik  GmbH
has transferred or made available to the Customer shall not be deemed to
be a constituent part of the accepted order, unless it is expressly stated by
TFC  Simulatoren  und  Technik  GmbH  that  they  are  included.  TFC
Simulatoren und Technik GmbH also reserves the right to make changes
in  the  technical  concept  underlying  the  subject-matter  of  the  relevant
order,  if  this  will  not  impair  the  quality  and  specification  profile  of  the
Products and/or Services defined in the order.
3.2.  All  documents  remain  at  the  sole  property  of  TFC  Simulatoren  und
Technik  GmbH  even  if  the  subject  of  contract  is  transferred  to  the
Customer. They shall be used confidential and should be not forwarded to
third parties  without  written  agreement  by TFC  Simulatoren und  Technik
GmbH and should be returned to TFC SImulatoren und Technik on their

4.  Prices
4.1.  Prices and charges shall apply exclusively as quoted in TFC Simulatoren
und Technik GmbH’s order acceptance. All prices shall be understood net
and in accordance with the trade term agreed in the contract. Such trade
term (hereinafter “Trade Term”) shall be interpreted in accordance with the
INCOTERMS 2010. Prices are exclusive of any taxes, packaging, loading
and freight charges.
4.2.  Unless quoted as a fixed price for a specific period or agreed otherwise in
writing, TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH may adjust all prices to the
general  cost  trend  (in  particular  to  labor  agreements,  material  and
manufacturing  costs  alteration  as  well  as  significant  exchange  rate

5.  Terms of Payment

5.1.  Payment shall be made no later than twenty (20) calendar days from the
date of invoice. All payments shall be deemed to have been effected if and
when  they  have  been  irrevocably  credited  for  TFC  Simulatoren  und
Technik GmbH’s  free disposal to TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH’s
bank account.
5.2.  Failure to pay the purchase price by the due date causes the Customer to
be  in  default  without  any  further  reminder  by  TFC  Simulatoren  und
Technik GmbH.
5.3.  If  any  payment  due  to  TFC  Simulatoren  und  Technik  GmbH  is  not
received  on  the  due  date,  without  prejudice  to  TFC  Simulatoren  und
Technik GmbH’s other rights at law, TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH
shall be entitled:
a)  to  cease  deliveries  to  the  Customer  until  all  outstanding  and  due
payments arising under the business relationship have been effected, and
b)  to  claim  default  interest  at  the  amount  of  eight  (8)  percentage  point
above LIBOR.
5.4.  The  Customer  shall  not  be  entitled  to  retain  or  set  off  payments  due  to
TFC  Simulatoren  und  Technik  GmbH  in respect  of  counterclaims except
such  claims  are  undisputed  or  legally  valid.  The  Customer  is  entitled  to
exercise its retention rights only to the extent such rights are based on the
same transaction.
5.5.  If  a  substantial  deterioration  occurs in  the  financial circumstances  of  the
Customer  after  the  contract  has  been  concluded  or  if  circumstances
become  known  to  TFC  Simulatoren  und  Technik  GmbH  that  put  at  risk
payment  by  Customer  in  total  or  in  due  time,  TFC  Simulatoren  und
Technik GmbH may, notwithstanding its other rights provided for  by law,
refuse  to  perform  its  obligations  under  the  contract  until  full  payment  of
due debts has been effected or Customer has provided sufficient security
for debts not yet due.
5.6.  TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH is allowed to fix a time limit in which
the customer has to decide to meet performance obligations or to provide
security.  After  the  time  limit  has  expired,  TFC  Simulatoren  und  Technik
GmbH may withdraw from the contract.

6.  Delivery
6.1.  Delivery shall be effected as agreed in the contract. General Trade Terms
shall  be  interpreted  in  accordance  with the  INCOTERMS 2010. Term  of
delivery  is  fulfilled  with  having  the  Product  ready  for  delivery  and
Customer being informed.
6.2.  Unless  otherwise  agreed,  the  delivery shall  be made “ex  works”  (EXW),
Velbert.  If  delivery  is  agreed,  TFC  Simulatoren  und  Technik  GmbH  will
redistribute the cost for packaging, loading and freight. TFC Simulatoren
und  Technik  GmbH  will  take  out  an  insurance  policy  for  transportation,
which will be redistributed to the Customer as well. Any damage occurred
during  transportation  has  immediately  to  be  announced  from  the
Customer to the forwarder.
6.3.  Adherence  to  the  lead  time  shall  be  subject  to  clarification  of  all
commercial  and  technical  questions  by  Parties  and  Customer  having
fulfilled in due time all its obligations under the contract. The delivery time
will be extended – notwithstanding TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH’s
other rights due to delay of the Customer – by the specific period for which
the Customer falls short of its obligations under the contract.
6.4.  TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH is entitled to make partial deliveries
provided that this is reasonable for the Customer.
6.5.  In  the  event  of  dispatch  being  delayed  at  Customer’s  request,  TFC
Simulatoren  und  Technik  GmbH  will  demand  reimbursement  of  any
expenses  incurred.  If  the  Products  are  stored  at  TFC  Simulatoren  und
Technik  GmbH’s  premises,  the  storage  fee  shall  amount  to  0,5%  of  the
total purchase price per week of storage or part thereof.
6.6.  If  TFC  Simulatoren  und  Technik  GmbH  delays  delivery,  the  Customer
shall be entitled to claim liquidated damages for delayed delivery in so far
as it can  be proved that  the  delay  has  been caused through  the  fault  of
TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH and that the Customer has suffered
a loss as a result of such delay. The liquidated damages shall be 0,3% for
each full month of delay, with a maximum liability of 3% of the purchase
price corresponding to such part of the Products or Sevices in delay. TFC
Simulatoren und Technik GmbH’s liability shall be limited to compensation
for typical, foreseeable damages.
Any further liability on the part of TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH on
account of delay shall be excluded subject to the provisions in clause 10.1.

7.  Transfer of Risk
7.1.  The risk of loss or random deterioration will be transferred to the Customer
on date of handover of Products and/ or Services  from TFC Simulatoren
und Technik GmbH to the forwarder.
7.2.  In the event of delivery being delayed due to circumstances attributable to
the Customer, the risk shall be transferred on the date of TFC Simulatoren
und  Technik  GmbH’s  notification  of  the  readiness  for  shipment
respectively readiness for acceptance.
7.3.  TFC  Simulatoren  und  Technik  GmbH  is  entitled  to  contract  insurance
against storage risk for Products stored at TFC Simulatoren und Technik
GmbH at the expense of the Customer.
7.4.  If  Customer  delays  acceptance  of  the  Product  or  returns  the  Product
unjustifiable,  TFC  Simulatoren  und  Technik  GmbH  demands
compensation. This compensation will be in the amount of 10% of the net
contract value, or higher if TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH proves a
higher  cost  of  damage  or  lower  if  Customer  proves  that  no  financial
damage occurred.

8.  Receipt
8.1.  Without  prejudice  to  its  rights  under  clause  10  of  these  Terms,  the
Customer  shall  take  delivery,  respectively  acceptance,  even  if  the
Products and/or Services show minor deficiencies.

9.  Retention of Title

9.1.  Until fulfilment of  all claims existing from the entire business relationship
between  Customer  and  TFC  Simulatoren  und  Technik  GmbH,  TFC
Simulatoren und Technik GmbH will release Products or Services pro rata
as soon their realizeable value of the claim exceeds 10%. During current
account the securities serve as collateral for the claim.
9.2.  If a third party acquires rights to the subject of contract, the Customer now
cedes  all  ensuing  rights  according  to  the  subject  of  contract  to  TFC
Simulatoren und Technik GmbH. Herewith TFC Simulatoren und Technik
GmbH accepts the assignation. The Customer is obligated to inform TFC
Simulatoren  und  Technik  GmbH  immediately,  if  distraint,  confiscation  or
any  other  order  of  a  third  party  is  done  with  respect  to  the  subject  of
9.3.  Is  the  Customer  in  whole  or  partially  in  default  of  payment,  exists  an
excessive indebtedness, stop of payment or bankruptcy, TFC Simulatoren
und  Technik  GmbH  is  entitled  to  withdraw  from  the  contract  and  to
demand immediately all still under title retention given subjects of contract
to TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH´s property. TFC Simulatoren und
Technik  GmbH  is  as  well  allowed  to  immediately  enforce  all  additional
rights  from  retention  of  title;  the  same  applies  to  other  essential
deterioration  of  Customer´s  economic  conditions.  The  Customer  grants
TFC  Simulatoren  und  Technik  GmbH  and  its  representatives  access  to
Customer´s  business  premises  during  daily  business  hours.  TFC
Simulatoren  und  Technik  GmbH  is  entitled  to  utilize  the  subject  of  the
contract  with  diligence  of  a  prudent  businessman  to  satisfy  its  pending
claims  from  the  proceeds.  Any  retention  rights  of  the  Customer  are
expressly excluded.

10.  Warranty
10.1. The  Customer  shall  examine  the  supplied  Products  and  Services
immediately after delivery in order to identify any defects. The Customer
shall notify TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH in writing within one (1)
week of discovery by Customer of such apparent defect. If the Customer
fails to  provide  notification  within  the  exclusion period,  the  Products  and
Services shall  be deemed to be  approved and Customer thus  waives its
warranty rights hereunder.
10.2. In the event of a defect, TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH undertakes
to first, at its option, repair or replace the defective Products or Services.
Product´s  or  Service´s  repair  depends  on  Customer´s  payment  of
reasonable proportion of the remuneration taking into account the defect.
10.3. The  Customer  may  within  the  frame  of  its  statutory  rights  define  a
reasonable period for TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH – subject to the
statutory  exceptions  –  to  repair  or  replace  the  defective  Products  or
Services and after effectless expiry of such period of time or two (2) failes
of supplementary  performance by  TFC Simulatoren und Technik  GmbH,
the  Customer  may  rescind  the  contract.  The  Customer´s  right  for  price
reduction shall be excluded. To rescind from the contract is prohibited for
the Customer, if  the failure is significant, but does not effect operational
10.4. Only  the  Customer  is  allowed  to  put  in  a  warranty  claim  against  TFC
Simulatoren und Technik GmbH. Assignment of a claim to a third party is
not allowed.
10.5. The Customer shall not be entitled to any rights as a result of defects that
are  due  e.g.  to  nonconforming  storage,  operation,  maintenance  or
excessive or inappropriate use of the subject of the contract, by the use of
unsuitable  tooling  and  resources,  improper  changes,  corrective
maintenance work and damage to seals in the subject of the contract or by
other breach of contractual specifications and product regulations on the
Parts and/ or Services of the Customer or a third party.
10.6. TFC  Simulatoren  und  Technik  GmbH  shall  not  be  liable  for  defects
resulting from normal wear and tear.
10.7. For  defects  based  on  provisions  or  constructions  explicit  requested  by
Customer, TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH is not liable.
10.8. Liability is also excluded for failure or insufficient backup of databases by
the  Customer.  Failure  or  insufficient  review  of  programs  and  data  on
computer viruses or maintenance of the simulators by the Customer (such
as  in  paragraph  12.3.  defined),  unusual  impacts  of  any  kind  (e.g.
vibrations of foreign units, intrusion by unauthorized third parties) that are
not caused by the TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH.
10.9. Warranty will be limited to those defects, which become apparent twenty-
four  (24)  months  after  delivery  to  the  Customer.  For  Products  and
Services which are found defective within such period and are replaced or
repaired by TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH the warranty period shall
be  extended  to  twelve  (12)  months  from  the  date  of  such  repair  or
replacement. However, the warranty period so extended shall at the latest
expire twelve (12) months after the original warranty period has expired.
10.10.  With  regard  to  claims  for  compensation  and  reimbursement  of
expenses on a defect, clause 10. shall apply.

11.  Industrial Property Rights, Defects in Title
11.1. In  no  event  shall  TFC  Simulatoren  und  Technik  GmbH  be  liable  for
infringement  of  patents  or  any  industrial  or  intellectual  or  other  similar
proprietary rights under these terms.
11.2. Should other defects in title occur, clause 10. shall apply mutatis mutandis.

12.  Limitation of Liability
12.1. The  Customer  shall  be  solely  liable  for  and  shall  indemnify  and  hold
harmless  TFC  Simulatoren  und  Technik  GmbH  from  and  against  all
liabilities, claims, damages, costs and expenses (including legal expenses
and  attorney  fees)  in  respect  of  loss  of  or  damage  to  the  Customer’s
property  and/or  injury  to  or  death  of  the  directors,  officers,  agents  or
employees of the Customer and/or for any loss or damage caused by the
Customer  to  third  parties  arising  out  of,  caused  by  or  in  any  way
connected with the use  of any Services  or Products  of TFC Simulatoren
und Technik GmbH.
12.2. Any liability of TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH towards the customer
in relation to any of the services or otherwise under these terms (whether
arising in contract, tort, delict or other) shall be limited to 10% of the value
of the respective product and/ or service under the relevant order.
12.3. Disclaimers or restrictions do not apply, to a statutory liability regardless of
negligence  or  fault  (according  to  the  product  liability  law),  liability
regardless  of  strict  guarantee  or  liability  due  to  fraudulent  concealed
12.4. Liability for data loss is confined to the recovery effort, which would have
typically  occurred  for  regular  backup  of  the  Customer.  If  the  Customer
violates his duties according clause  12.3., TFC Simulatoren  und Technik
GmbH will not be liable for any occurring damages.
12.5. As  far  as  TFC  Simulatoren  und  Technik  GmbH´s  liability  is  excluded  or
limited under this provisions, this applies also to the personal liability of its
employees, representatives or subcontractors.

13.  Utilization of Software
13.1. If software is included in the scope of delivery,Customer is conceded a
non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use supplied software only
with its included documentation. Using the software on more than one
system is prohibited.
13.2. The Customer is only allowed to copy, revise, translate or convert the
object code to the source code as regulated by law (§§ 69a ff. UrhG). The
Customer undertakes – in particular copyright notices – not to remove or
alter without prior written approval of TFC Simulatoren und Technik
GmbH. All other rights to the software and the documentation including the
copies remain with TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH or the software
supplier. The granting of sublicenses is not permitted.
13.3. The Customer is obliged to protect against data loss due to computer
viruses to the independent and regular backup data. The Customer is also
obliged to prevent the unauthorized access of its employees and/ or other
third parties on the provided software and accompanying documentation
through appropriate arrangements.

14.  Force Majeure
14.1.  In cases of force majeure (such as but not limited to strike, legal lock-out,
war, civil unrest, acts of terror, natural disasters, prohibitions on import and
export,  US-restrictions,  shortage  of  energy  and  raw  materials)  and  in  all
other  circumstances  (including  late  self-delivery)  that  are  beyond  TFC
Simulatoren  und  Technik  GmbH’s  control,  even  if  such  event  occurs  on
the part of TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH’s upstream supplier, and
which  make  shipment  impossible  or  unreasonably  difficult  for  third  party
forwarder,  TFC  Simulatoren  und  Technik  GmbH  shall  be  entitled  to
postpone  the  shipment  for  the  duration  of  the  event  and  a  reasonable
period for restart of its business activities and be freed from the obligation
to deliver for such extended period.
14.2. If  performance  of  TFC  Simulatoren  und  Technik  GmbH’s  obligations  is
suspended under this clause for more than six (6) month such period is to
be understood as unreasonable and TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH
may withdraw from the contract in whole or in part.
14.3. The Customer shall have no right to compensation in such event of Force

15.  Insurance
15.1. The  Customer  is  obliged  to  treat  the  subject  of  contract  with  care  and
proper  service.  In  particular  the  Customer  has  to  insure  this  at  his  own
expense against fire, water damage, damage, theft and destruction to the
value of a new Product or Service. Hereby the Customer transfers the title
to  insurance  benefits  to  TFC  Simulatoren  und  Technik  GmbH.  Herewith
TFC  Simulatoren  und  Technik  GmbH  accepts  the  assignation.  The
Customer  shall  conclude  and  maintain  adequate  insurance  policies  to
cover its liabilities under the respective contract with TFC Simulatoren und
Technik  GmbH.  The  Customer  shall  provide  certificates  of  such
insurances  on  request  of  TFC  Simulatoren  und  Technik  GmbH  at  any

16.  Confidentiality
16.1. Any  and  all  author  rights,  copyrights,  industrial  proprietary  rights  of
whatever  nature  relating  to  quotations  and  cost  estimates,  as  well  as
illustrations,  drawings,  calculations,  brochures,  catalogues,  patterns,
prototypes, tools or any other documentation or means provided by TFC
Simulatoren  und  Technik  GmbH  under  a  binding  order  shall  remain  the
property of TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH.
16.2. The Customer shall not make accessible or disclose to any third party, use
itself or through any third party or copy the contents of any information or
documentation  provided  by  TFC  Simulatoren  und  Technik  GmbH  under
these  Terms,  in  whole  or  in  part,  without  the  prior  agreement  of  TFC
Simulatoren  und  Technik  GmbH,  save  as  is  obligatory  pursuant  to  any
governmental  or  legal  requirement  imposed  on  the  Customer.  In  such
event,  the  Customer  having  become  aware  of  such  a  requirement  shall
inform TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH of its obligation to disclose if
possible prior to such disclosure. If TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH
wishes to counter such requirement, the Customer shall assist it in doing
16.3. Upon reasonable written request of TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH,
the  Customer  shall  return  or  destroy  and  irretrievably  delete  any
confidential  information  furnished  to  it  by  TFC  Simulatoren  und  Technik
GmbH  and  any  copy made  of it and  give TFC Simulatoren  und  Technik
GmbH written notice about such destruction and deletion.

17.  Export
17.1. The  Customer  acknowledges  that  the  Products  and/or  Services  to  be
provided by TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH under these Terms may
be subject to export control laws and regulations, and any supply or use of
such  Products  and/or  Services  contrary  to  such  laws  and  regulations  is
17.2. Customer shall indemnify and hold TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH
harmless against any losses, damages, fees or monetary sanctions
imposed  on  TFC  Simulatoren  und  Technik  GmbH  as  a  result  of
Customer’s  failure  to  comply  with  any  applicable  export  control  law  or
18.  Severability
18.1. Should  any  of  the  above  provisions  be  or  become  void,  illegal  or
unenforceable, or should they contain a gap, the validity of the remaining
provisions shall not be affected.
19.  No Assignment
19.1. The customer  shall  not  assign,  transfer or  otherwise  deal  with  any  of its
rights or obligations arising under its business relation to TFC Simulatoren
und  Technik  GmbH  (including  the  right  to  receive  delivery)  without  the
prior written consent of TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH.
20.  Governing Law and Arbitration
20.1. All disputes arising out of or in connection with the transaction governed
by this Terms, shall be finally and conclusively based on this Terms with
resort to German law excepting its rules for the conflict of laws and United
Nations  Convention  on  Contracts  for  the  International  Sale  of  Goods

21.  Miscellaneous Provisions
21.1. Changes  and additions  to  the  contract  as  well  as  additional  agreements
require the written form. This also applies to a waiver of this written form