Door Trainer

TFC is specialized in the design and manufacture of Door Trainers that exceed the latest EU-OPS regulations. Any type of aircraft door can be supplied based on original aircraft data. Each device is customized to meet the clients individual training requirements.


TFC Door Trainers fully simulate the aircraft door in normal and emergency modes of operation. Door malfunctions such as handle blocked, door blocked, slide inflation failure, power assist failure, as well as door observation window scenes like fire, water, stairs, obstructions etc. are standard features of our products. All functions and simulated malfunctions are controlled by the touch screen Instructor Operator Station.

The TFC developed control system with up to three electric servomotors control the angular movement, forces and speed of the door in normal, abnormal or emergency operation reflecting the actual aircraft door in feel and force. Furthermore this technology provides ease of maintenance and sustained reliability.

TFC Door Trainers are robustly designed and easy to use for day-to-day operation. Door Trainers can be placed at ground level or at operational height enabling slide training from the open door.