Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer

TFC designs and manufactures Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers that exceed the latest EU-OPS regulations. Any type of aircraft can be represented by using original aircraft data and layouts. Each device is customized to the individual training requirements. TFC devices are constructed using aircraft manufacturer’s data packages as well as customer’s unique specification and chosen layout.


All designs, software development, manufacturing, construction and testing is performed in-house at our 16.000 m² facility in Velbert, Germany. We deliver high quality products at reasonable costs within short lead times.

TFC will assist in identifying the training needs with the expertise in commissioning CEET systems for clients all over the world for more than 30 years. Using own products in TFC operated training centers allows us to forward experience to our customers’ benefit.

Each CEET is constructed to ensure the best possible training for cabin- and flight deck crews.

TFC equipment is built to withstand the harsh conditions of today’s training environment and complies with customer’s high expectations regarding reliability. Installing reinforced components and servo loop control systems for the simulated aircraft doors are only two examples that are characteristic for TFC training devices.

TFC Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers can be provided with a real time visual system at the passenger- and door observation windows. Combined with sound effects to enhance the overall realism, training will create that “Situation Awareness”. The aircraft’s interphone system is fully replicated to address effective communication training with attention to Crew Resource Management- and Human Factors training.

All CEETs can be installed at ground level or at height with the option of fixed base or full motion system.

The Instructor monitors and controls the training by touch screens at the Instructor Operator Station (IOS). A fully digitalized camera system can be installed to monitor the training and to record the complete session for de-briefing.

One Step Ahead!

TFC developed the Portable Instructor Panel which enables the instructor to move through the cabin while keeping full control of the training device. WIFI connection gives advantage of location-independent interaction parallel to the IOS controls. Full access to the flight interphone system is realized by wireless headset.