Our policy

5.1 Code of conduct

5.1.1 Compliance

  • No violation of law (local and in the country of our customer).
  • No price or market-agreements.
  • No violation of export bans or other trade regulations.

5.1.2 Responsible Work

  • Careful use of information.
  • Careful communication (oral, in written and by E-mail).
  • Protection of company knowledge.
  • Careful use of customer’s information and data.

5.1.3 Business Ethics

  • No discrimination at the workplace.
  • No conflicts of interest (individual, business).
  • Loyal cooperation with customers and suppliers.
  • Local supplies with high quality and short lead time.
  • Suppliers with the same QSHA standards.

5.2 Quality

  • High quality reagarding product properties and timing is the key to our business success.
  • We provide high quality products and all trainers are designed to their specific needs and exceed all requirements.
  • We continuously improve our products and services.

5.3 Safety

Our aim is to ensure the delivery of safe products made at safe workplaces. Personal protection equipment is a matter of course within the work process as well as the audit of workplaces, identification of risks, implementation of countermeasures and the training of our employees on a regular base.

5.4 Health

Our personnel is major part of our  work process. To protect their physical and mental health we offer to pass regular medical checks – beside from the mandatory health inspections – according to process risks.

5.5 Environment

  • We refurbish and strengthen original aircraft parts to build a new trainer.
  • Only in case these parts are not available at the market or due to exceeding costs we look for other opportunities.
  • We try to prevent waste respectively recycle it and minimize the usage and storage of hazardous materials.

5.6 Staff

We evaluate systematically the competencies of all our employees. Combined with our business strategy we define activities for personal development and training to improve our strength in the market.



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