About Us

TFC family business, founded more than 30 years ago by Rolf Käufer, a veteran pilot; who realized the high demand of airline training and technical services in the Aviation industry.


His sons Frank and Christian Käufer inspired by their father’s ideas have developed them further and expanded TFC which today is recognized as a world leader in designing and constructing high quality cabin trainers. Furthermore TFC provides, especially in its four Training Centers in Essen, Cologne, Munich and Berlin, aviation training for pilots and cabin crew at its highest stage.

The close combination of construction and training raises TFC in a unique position being always in connection with the latest trends. At the same time TFC is able to respond rapidly and effectively with product improvements to meet our customer’s needs.

Managing Director Frank Käufer heads the technical side of the company, while captain Christian Käufer, qualified for Airbus A320, 321, 330, 340 and Boeing B737, 747, 757, 767, 777, manages the TFC Training Centers. Frank Käufer and his team of engineers have specialized in the construction and design of all Airbus, Boeing and Embraer Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers. TFC has also developed the first official A380 Cabin Emergency Trainer for Airbus. Due to Frank Käufer’s innovation and leadership and his excellent team of experts TFC has become a market leader in all aspects of cabin crew training equipment, especially for Airbus and Boeing operators.

In 2011 TFC bought the fomer linen and wool weavery Conze&Colsman, a building from the 18th century, and got it renovated within a few months. In 2012 TFC moved into the new “historical” building with 16000 m² and can now cope with the increased production volume and is able to combine administration, production and storage under one roof. The new production hall for the A380 CEETs has been refurbished in 2013.

Since February 1st 2014 TFC has been joined by second managing director Mark Goossens besides Frank Käufer. Managing Director Mark Goossens brings in his knowledge and experience in international business management as well as a pilot and an engineer. At the End of June 2016, Frank Käufer has left the company and Mark Goossens is the sole Managing Director with all entrepreneurial responsibility.